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Over the last three decades, EdTech has shifted from being hardware-oriented to focusing on innovative software that meets students at their own learning levels – no matter where they are or what language they speak. Technology supports and empowers teachers; engages and provides agency to students; and meaningfully involves parents and families in the teaching-learning process. Technology can also collect data to provide valuable insight into how students learn. Growing global evidence has shown that EdTech has the power to leapfrog learning – here in India, and across the world. 

Catalytic growth, disruption, and innovation are afoot in the sector, riding now on the wave of increased awareness and demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic. India has been making headlines with EdTech in the recent past, and is only behind North America and China as world leaders in EdTech. We, at CSF, created this analysis to fill the need for a one-stop-source for discovering and understanding the diversity of EdTech innovations that are available today across the world.

This document aims to be a ready reckoner for individual and institutional EdTech adopters. It can help to build a deeper understanding of the current EdTech landscape and predict the future evolutions that will shape the sector.

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Introduction: Reimagining education through EdTech

The global market for EdTech unequivocally continues to burgeon and so does its demand – both by institutions and individuals. With innovations rampant in the sector, EdTech presents boundless possibilities to enhance the learning experience.

Who should read this document?

  • Policymakers/practitioners contemplating on appropriate EdTech solutions for their context
  • Product companies or funders interested in predicting trends, and identifying whitespaces and new hypotheses in EdTech
  • EdTech enthusiasts interested in learning about the global landscape

Why should you read this document?

  • To get a bird’s eye view of the EdTech sector and understand innovative and disruptive hypotheses
  • To uncover and visualize how EdTech can transform a traditional classroom and amplify the learning process for teachers, students and even parents

The database powering this analysis can be accessed here for independent analysis and additional information on individual products in the landscape

250 mn

K-12 learners in India affected by COVID-19 school closures1

$3.5 bn

Projected revenue of the Indian EdTech market in 2022


Indian state governments responses to Covid have included EdTech

$1 tr

Projected value of the global EdTech market by 2026


Global innovations landscaped for insights in this report


Teaching - learning interactions re-imagined

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We are grateful to our colleagues at Central Square Foundation (CSF) for many insightful discussions. We would especially like to thank Gouri Gupta and Bikkrama Daulet Singh for their advice and close engagement throughout the course of this analysis. Special thanks to Preshika Jain, Sanjana Pandit, Radhika Modgill, Sanya Kapur, Srinidhi Rao, and Pratik Rajurkar for essential research support. We are also thankful to Girindre Beeharry, Srivatsan Rajan, Asyia Kazmi, Lewis Leiboh, Arati Nagaraj, and Manish Upadhyay for their valuable inputs and suggestions. All errors are our own.

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Disclaimer: Central Square Foundation (CSF)has prepared this document on the basis of information which is publicly available, and sources believed to be reliable. The accuracy of such information has been relied on by CSF to conduct this independent analysis, and has not been verified by CSF. As full disclosure, CSF has awarded grants to Saarthi Education, Top Parent, Rocket Learning, Teacher App and Chimple. We have made every effort to ensure that the information provided in this document is complete as of October 1, 2020. No part of this report should be considered as an official position of any of the products/programs, founders/funders, users/clients of the organizations and programs covered in the analysis.